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 You can check to be sure the unit and time period you want are actually available. 
 Please use this link if you would like to check first.

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Sky Valley will need a deposit from you to guarantee the reservation.  There are several   options.  The easiest is to leave us a Master Charge or Visa Credit Card Number.  We will not process anything on the card, we will just use it to guarantee that you are coming.
I will make a deposit to secure my reservation by the following method:
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If you prefer you can call us on the telephone (WITHIN 2 hours) to give us the number.  If you don't have a credit card, or prefer not to use it, you can mail us a personal check for the first night's rental amount.   If you are staying for more than one night we require a deposit of half the rental amount.     
If you are "calling in" your credit card number, please do so immediately before you forget.  800 675 4683.   If we have not received a number within 2 hours the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Before you press the send button please double check your telephone number and e mail address to be certain they are correct.

If you used your credit card  Sky Valley will not process any charges to your  card, unless you fail to show-up for the reserved time. 
A GUARANTEED RESERVATION means that we will hold the accommodation desired unless you notify us to Cancel.  If you fail to appear for your reserved time your credit card will be charged for the lost rental. 
Cottage and Apartment Units require 30 Days notice. Cancellations with less than 30 days notice will be CHARGED ONE NIGHTS RENTAL   The Motel Units can be cancelled with 7 days notice.  Cancellations of Motel Units with less than 7 days notice will be CHARGED ONE NIGHTS RENTAL  All Cancellations will be charged a $20. processing fee regardless of notification time.
All Cancellations are charged a $20. processing fee regardless of notification time.
Please check the box to indicate you have read and understand the cancellation policy
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