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1088 Rte 302
Milepost 58.9
PO Box 397
New Hampshire
Sky Valley Motel Bartlett, NH  North Conway and Jackson nearby.

Chalet #3 is available this winter.
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brush cutting September 2005:  Cutting Brush.  Some areas we only cut once or twice a year... 1971 ford tractor cutting brush
Fryeburg Fair Our Little trip to the Fryeburg Fair Fryeburg Fair Oct 2005
Maureen Fryeburg Fair 2005 Fryeburg Fair, October 2005 Fryeburg Fair Oct 2005
Cree's Boat taken away November 2005:  Cree's Boat gets taken away.

Christmas again:  Tarmey, Cree, Ramsay
Cree, Ramsay,Tarmey
Tarm to Plym Aug 2005: Tarmey Loading up to go back to Plymouth College

Mt Willard from Rte 302 Crawford Notch
Mt Willard from Rte 302 in Crawford Notch
feb 2005 February 2005:  Plowing again.

Cottage #5 at right
cottage 5
plowing February 2005:  Plenty of snow this month. Cottage 8
view down crawford notch from Mt Willard
2005 June: June 2005:  Ramsay Graduates Plymouth State. "The Best Seven Years of my Life"...

Ladder aerial truck visits Sky Valley
pool July 2005:  One of our customers is a man who sells fire trucks.  He was taking this one to a nearby Town to demonsrate it to their Fire Department.  Ladder Truck
aerial truck July 2005:  We got to go up for a 100 foot high view. chalet 3
pool cleaning July 2005:  The view of Trails End Ice Cream Stand from 100 feet up in the air.

May 2005:  Seems we were just doing this....a year ago.
Trails End Ice Cream Stand
three mooses July 2005:  A few moose came wandering through...looking rather sad about something. pool cleaning
ladder truck at sky valley June 10, 2005:  The pool just finished filling up...and it's cold....but I see someone out there in the middle...  June 2005 pool at sky valley
A few of our 2005 Photos