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Lots of Folks Come ONLY to visit Storyland; It's just 5 miles from Sky Valley

Santa's Village, Where It Is Christmas Year Round
attitash ski area and summer slidesAttitash Ski Area, Water Park, and Other Sports; Attitash is just one mile from Sky Valley
Clarks Trading Post Bear
CLARKS TRADING POST and trained bears, Lincoln, NH
WildcatWildcat Mountain Ski Area and Summer ZIP ride. Pinkham Notch.

The famous Cog Railroad to the summit of Mt Washington, 6288 feet
Conway Scenic Railroad
Conway Scenic Railroad offers several differing rides through the mountains.
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Canoe rentals and tours, center conway, nh

water park lincoln, nh
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Hike The Whites:  Trail Information

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mount Washington, highest peak in the Northeast.

Mount Washington Obseratory
Turtle Taxi North Conway NH
Turtle Taxi goes where ever you're going
Hartmann Railroad
Bull Moose

All about Mooses
Everything you ever wanted to know about Fishing and Hunting in New Hampshire.

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Gorham Moose ToursGorham Moose Tours was founded in 2006 and is operated by The Town of Gorham.  It's a bit of a jaunt from Sky Valley, but your chances of seeing a Moose are very good with this tour. Your Complete Guide To the North Conway Area

North Conway NH Area Guide

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Aerial Photography Services Jim HarringtonOur friend, Jim Harrington, has been staying at Sky Valley off-and-on for years.  He operates an extensive photo business.  He recently expanded into aerial photography.  Here is a link to some of his aerial pictures.   And check his website too.  
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AndesSummer or Winter, Andes Mountain Sports is just 2 miles from Sky Valley.  It's a great place to find Canoe rentals, Tube rentals or sales, Canoe or Tube trips from start to finish.  They also know alot about fishing; good places to go, licenses, etc.    Click the Logo for more information.


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MOUNT WILLARD (2804 feet)

This low peak, a spur of the Mt. Field group, is famous for its view of Crawford Notch. From perhaps no other point in the mountains can so grand a view be obtained with so little effort.  The trail, formerly a carriage road with wide and easy grades, leaves the W side of US 302 lO0 yds. S of the former Crawford House RR Sta. In about 200 yds. a connecting link from the old Crawford House enters R. In another 100 yds. the trail bears R, by­passing to the W of a severely washed-out portion or the old road. At 0.6 ni. Centennial Pool (last sure water) is reached. Beyond this point the trail bears L, rejoining the old carriage road, which, except for another by~pass, is followed the remaining 0.7 m. to the summit ledges.

DISTANCE.  Highway 302 to summit 1.4 m. (I hr. 10 mim.); descending 45 min.



 The W terminus leaves NH Rt 16 in  Intervale just North of the RR crossing, rises steeply at first and then goes straight ahead through Kearsarge Village and soon begins the rather steep climb over the ridge. It descends to the South Chatham Rd. about 2 m. SW of Kimball Ponds.

DISTANCES.  Intervale to Kearsarge 1.5 m,; height-or-land 4 rn.' South Chatham Road 6 m.



This bare summit affords the best views in the Green hills range. A few steps W of the height-of land on the Hurricane Mtn. Road a sign on the S side indicates the trail. It passes through a spruce forest then follows old woods roads through a beech forest. At the foot of the ledges a trail leaves R for the Cranmore Skimobile. No water is found on the trail.   DISTANCE,  Road  to summit 1.2 m.




From the Arethusa Falls parking lot at the former Willey House P.O., the trail crosses the RR and leads S (L) for 50 yds., where it turns R into the woods. It follows old roads above the N bank of Bemis Brook until it crosses the brook shortly below the falls.  Some enterprising folks operate a refreshment stand at the base of the trail during peak seasons.  DISTANCE,  Arethusa Falls parking lot to Arethusa Falls 1.25 m. (55 min.).


Glen Ellis Falls and Crystal Cascade

Glen Ellis Falls are on the Ellis River about 0.8 m. S of Pinkham Notch Camp.  The path leaves the W side of the Pinkham Notch Highway (rt16) at the public parking place, passes through a subway under the highway to the E. side and leads in about one quarter mile to the foot of the main falls.  The main falls are about 70 feet in height and below it are several pools and smaller falls.  This trail consists of hundreds of granite steps leading down to the base of the falls....while beautiful and easy, it’s usually well populated.

CHURCH POND LOOP TRAIL no waterfalls here

This trail starts from the far end of the W loop road around Passaconaway Campground on the Kanc. Highway at a sign and crosses Swift River at a point where the stream can usually be waded easily.  In less than 100 yards it crosses an old bed of Swift River and 100 yds further comes out at the SE corner of an old field.  Here there is a choice of two routes.  The shorter (L. at sign) follows an old logging road across the field and bears R into the woods.  Here the trail becomes a footpath with wooden plank walkways, crosses to open bogs and emerges on a knoll overlooking Church Pond.  The longer (R at sign) follows a logging road into the woods.  Shortly take the R fork which leads in about 200 yds to an old trail.  Turn L on the old trail which skirts the bog and joins the other trail on the knoll.  Both trails are wet at times and may be prolific with mosquitos especially in May and June.  Good moose habitat and I once briefly spotted a coyote on this trail.   This trail is nearly all flat.



Frankenstein Cliff Trail (NHDF)

The trail leaves the W side of US 302 just below (S of) the bridge over the Saco River, and south of the entrance to the Dry River Campground, It briefly follows an old logging road and then climbs to the Frankenstein Cut-off and passes under the Frankenstein Trestle (RR) near the South abutment. lt continues on graded switchbacks and stone step Iike formations through the woods beneath the cliffs and up to the ridge, rather steep in places. It then passes through open hardwood forest, crossing a stream bed where water is found in normal seasons, passes through a fine area  of spruce and balsam to an outlook similar to that on Mt. Willard, with a view S in the notch.  Leaving the outlook, the trail ascends gradually through a fine stand of spruce in a WNW direction, skirting the top of the cliffs, with views of the valley and Mt. Bemis, and passing just S of summit 2451’. At one point there is a view of Arethusa Falls far up at the head of the valley. Near the height-of-land the trail levels off, then descends the ridge for a short distance, and winds gradually to where it meets the Arethusa-Ripley Falls trail.DISTANCES. US 302 to trestle 0.2 m.; Frankenstein Cliff 0.9 m.: Arethusa-Ripley Falls Trail 1.8 m.


Table Mountain VIA  the Attitash Trail

The Attitash trail is a route from Bear Notch Road over Table Mountain and West Moat to Diana’s Baths.  It leaves the Bear Notch Road at a former logging road at Louisville Brook about 2.5 mi S of Bartlett.  In about one quarter mi. the trail turns R leaving the logging road.  The trail then ascends close to Louisville Brook for some distance.  It continues to climb in a southerly direction to the col between Bear and Table Mtns. where, turning L, it uses the location of the former Bear Mtn trail.  It then bears sharp L and then shortly bears R and passes close to but S of the summit of Table Mountain.  There are several open ledges that afford a nice view SE.  For  most folks this is the place to stop, enjoy the view,  rest and then  head back to your car.   A little further on the trail turns L and follows along a broad  ridge toward a peak,   About a mile further the trail passes L of the summit of West Moat, turns and crosses the peak and descends in an easterly direction into the col between West Moat and North Moat where it turns NE, descends sharply for about a mile and makes four crossings of Lucy Brook, the fourth shortly before it ends where the Moat Mtn Trail enters on the south side of Lucy Brook.   DISTANCE:  Bear Notch Rd to Table Mountain Summit 2 miles; Diana’s Baths 8 miles. 


Mt. Kearsarge North Trail

This trail to the summit of Kearsarge North leaves the N side of Hurricane Mtn. Road 0.4 m. E of Kearsarge Village. it heads generally N and gains only 200 ft, in altitude in the first ˝ m. It then becomes steeper, and, about half-way up passes a spring, and ˝ m. beyond reaches some ledges with views S. After crossing the sad­dle between Mts. Kearsarge North and Bartlett, the trail bears well around to the N side of the mountain, then bears S again and, marked by cairns and paint, climbs the bare ledges to the summit.

DISTANCE:  Highway to ledges 2 m. (I hr. 5O min); summit 3 m. (2 hrs. 45 min.).


Webster Cliff Trail

This trail, a part of The Appalachian Trail, leaves theE side of Crawford Notch highway rte302 opposite the terminus of the Ethan Pond Trail, and leads over Mts. Webster and Jackson to the Crawford Path at Mt. Clinton. The entrance is about I m. S of the Willey House Recrea­tion Area at the Willey House Site. It runs nearly E about 400 ft. to the Saco River, which it crosses by a bridge. The trail climbs to the terrace above and gradually ascends the S end of the ridge by a long diagonal through a hardwood forest. The trail grows steeper and rougher as it ap­proaches the cliffs and swings more to the N. The trail bears R about 100 yds. below the slide and switchbacks up the Slope, up some Sunken steps, and goes along L below an open ledge. Above the top of the ledge, it turns L to a beautiful view down the Notch. After levelling off for several yds. the trail resumes the climb, passing through woods ruined by the 1938 hurricane and soon emerges on the S end of the cliffs a little less than 2 miles from the main summit and follows cairns, cutting through the scrub to the large cairn at the peak.  It then descends about 150 yards in the same direction to the Crawford Path, which it joins at its highest point on the shoulder of Mt. Clinton, just after it leaves the woods. 

DISTANCES;  Crawford Notch Highway to the S. end of the cliffs 1.75 mi. (1 hr 30 mins); Mt Webster 2.75 mi. (3 hours); Mt. Jackson 4 miles (4 hours); Mizpah Spring Hut 5.75 miles (5 hours); Mt Clinton 6.5 miles (5 hours 45 minutes).   Although the descent from Mt. Clinton to Crawford Notch Highway can be made in 4 hours, the views along the cliffs of Mt. Webster are such that anyone with a normal appreciation of the grandeur of mountain scenery will add at least 2 hours for their enjoyment, both ascending and descending.  There is nothing finer in the White Mountains.



THIS HIKE IS NOT FOR THE WEAK KNEED.  Mount carrigain commands a view considered by many the finest in the White Mountains.  It was named for Philip Carrigain, NH Sec. of  State, 1805-10, an early mapmaker of the region.  Signal Ridge Trail:  The trail starts at a point on the Sawyer River Road 2 miles from the Crawford Notch Highway (US302), just before a concrete bridge.  Diverging R (NW) from the road, the trail crosses Whiteface Brook at 0.2 mi. After a gradual rise of 0.3 mi it leaves the brook, bears L and crosses a low divide.  After about 1.3 mi. the trail enters and coincides with a logging road.  The several roads which cross this one at right angles should not be followed.  At 1.7 mi. from the start, the carrigain Notch trail diverges R (N), the Signal Ridge trail, still a logging road at this point, soon crosses carrigain Brook, ascends a gradual slope and in about 0.5 mi from the fork begins to rise more steeply and soon swings to the L up the S side of a valley.  When high up it bears R (N) and water may be found at two points (3.1 and 3.5 mi) at the L of the road.  Soon the trail rises less steeply and slabs the side of the ridge.  When well up it turns L and after a series of zigzags up the steep slope it comes into the open at the crest of Signal Ridge.  The view of the sheer cliffs of Mt. Lowell across carrigain Notch is notable.  From Signal Ridge the path again enters trees and ascends sharply, passing near the abandoned fire wardens cabin, where water is usually available in the well, and finally emerging on the wooded summit of the mountain.  The steel tower affords an outlook over the low trees.  In recent years it has been maintained as a shelter accommodating 8.  DISTANCES:  Sawyer River Road to carrigain Notch Trail, 1.71 miles (50 minutes); Signal Ridge 4.47 mi. (3 hours 30 min); summit 5.0 mi. (4 hours).


Mt. Washington

I’d recommend a stop at the Appalachian Mountain Club on Rt 16 in Pinkham Notch at the base of The Mountain.  They can provide good CURRENT advice on routes, difficulty and what you should plan on taking with you. 

There are endless possibilities for both easy and advanced mountain climbing activities all within a short drive of Sky Valley.  Listed below are just a few of our favorite escapes.  They range from easy to difficult.  If you would like your own reference material get The AMC WHITE MOUNTAIN GUIDE  (  )

Hiking Possibilities Near Sky Valley
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