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Sky Valley Motel Bartlett, NH  North Conway and Jackson nearby.

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When itcomes to eating, this area doesn't mess around. Restaurants are more abundant than rocks on the Saco River!


The first stop is Barts Deli, which is one mile west on Rte 302 just before the school.  They do a very good breakfast and lunch as well as a large stock of grocery items.  Continue west for a half mile on Rte 302 and you will come to Cabin Fever Restaurant.  Trip-Advisor reviewers give it five stars.  Specialty is seafood; fried whole belly clams anytime.  I had the "special", Fisherman's Platter for about $20.  It's awesome and enough to take some home for a late snack.  Decadent desserts too.  Other menu items from burgers to chicken and pizza are in the $12, range.  It's worth coming to Bartlett just for some Cabin Fever   Almost across the street from Sky Valley is Trails End Ice Cream Shop. Great ice cream, reasonable prices and a great kids playground. Within a half mile past Sky Valley is Crawford's Pub at The Grand Summit Hotel which is located at the base of Bear Peak Ski Area. Menu looks interesting, but I haven't heard much about it, good or bad. I haven't eaten there yet, so I'll reserve comment. Then we have Matty B's Mountainside Cafe is a Pizza and sandwich place and The Food's great too! See Matty's Menu. A mile or so past Matty B's and near the Bartlett Covered Bridge find  Josephs Spaghetti Shed. Everything is home made and in addition to spaghetti dinners they have pizza and other Italian delights.  If Italian isn't for you try shepherds pie or baked beans and dogs.  I'm told The White Mountain Cider Company is absolutely wonderful. They do Dinner in a brand new facility. You will find it just 3 Miles East of Sky Valley.  They also operate a small deli and convience store right next door.  The Red Parka Pub is a steak house with salad bar, and a wide variety of main courses. Children are welcomed with their own special menu. The Red Parka also has a lounge with live entertainment. <> Patch's Market which also houses the Glen Post Office has groceries, beer, wine etc and A cafeteria style eatery that is a popular lunch stop for local workers and truckers. It can be real busy during the noon lunch hour. They are open till 11 p.m. Also in this same neighborhood is Margarita Grille that serves up tasty Mexican surprises. and Good Tail specializing in Lobster either cooked and ready to eat, or alive and ready for you to murder by your own devious methods. They Also sell a wide variety of other fresh seafood items, mostly uncooked, for you to prepare at home. Just up the street from Patch's Market is a Dairy Queen at the Junction of Rte 16 and 302, and don't forget the appropriately named Glen Junction Restaurant They are best at breakfast and lunch. While you wait you can watch the model train travel around the ceiling. From the  rt 16/302 intersection, proceed about a mile east, and find DUNKIN  DONUTS.  You know what that's all about.  
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Restaurants close to Sky Valley, Bartlett, NH. Glen, Jackson, Intervale, Bartlett Village

If you hook a left on to Route 16 North you will pass by Storyland in about half a mile. Just past Storyland on the right is Kringles another place serving up pizza and subs in a convenience store setting. If you continue on another three miles you will come to Jackson. Drive thru the covered bridge and look for Yesterdays, it will be on the right and has a super breakfast that they don't mind serving all day long. The Thompson House Eatery is also in Jackson. On the menu is the best stir-fried veggies, or a great assortment of special entrees that are prepared with an imaginative touch. Only they can take a meatloaf and make it something simply special! Almost across the street is J-TOWN DELI, a super choice for breakfast or lunch along with quite an assortment of specialty groceries.  Proceeding down Rte 16a, right in the center of Jackson is The Wildcat Tavern, I have not tried it out yet.  Traveling up Rt 16b, up and over the mountain, in about 3 miles is Whitney's Inn  at the base of Black Mountain Ski Area. You can get roast duckling among other things. It's another place where you don't need to go if you're on a tight budget, but for a special night, it's an excellent choice. Marty and Pam Sweeney, who made the Wildcat Tavern Famous have a new endeavor at the Base of Black Mountain in Jackson at the Shovel Handle Pub.   Back down in the Village, at the junction of 16 and 16a, For all you Irishmen (or wanna-bes) out there the Shannon Door Pub is up on the hill, The Mulkerns are always busy cooking up some basic Irish delicacy. Sometimes Corn Beef and Cabbage is on the specials board. They also serve up a great pizza. Be sure to walk right up to the bar to tell em Sky Valley sent you...  Also in Jackson is The Red Fox Pub in a huge new building almost across the street from the Covered Bridge in Jackson. They do Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Their Sunday Jazz-Breakfast Buffet is spectacular...be early (but the Jazz doesn't start till 9a.m.) or prepared to wait a bit to be seated. Judging from the number of cars I see there I'd have to assume it is still as good as ever, (since I haven't been there yet.). Did I mention The Eagle Mountain House. Its one of those grand old hotels that has gracefully survived the years. It is a great place to take that special someone for a special nights dining. While mentioning the fancy places, one of my fussy friends always goes to The Inn at Thorn Hill for the North Carolina striped bass and truffle scented sunchokes (whatever they are).  The setting and atmosphere is sublime and I'd highly recommend it if you're trying to impress someone with your good taste.   For a nice breakfast or Lunch in a country store type setting, try the J-Town Deli, next door to the Golf Course Maintenance building, right on Main Street.  Super sandwiches and bakery products. If I counted right that's more than TWENTY PLACES and we haven't yet traveled ten miles!

Good Food Along The Way:
  If you happen to be near Fishkill NY on Rte 84 The 84 Diner is definitely worth a stop.  Open 24 Hours a day.  Huge Menu, great bakery.  Also while en-route to Sky Valley you might take exit 17 off Rte 91 in Wells River Vermont.  Be sure to stop at P&H Truck Stop, which is at the southbound ramp of Rte 91.  Super Food, Super Bakery, Fuel up the Car too.
Do You have a particular favorite along the way?  Tell us about it.
Happy Eating!
How about Lunch with mechanical entertainment? You might try The Cafeteria at The Cog Railway Base Station. Good cafeteria style food and you can watch the trains get greased,loaded up with coal, water and people and watch their progress as they chug up and down Mount Washington. It's about 25 miles West of Sky Valley. On the way back you can stop for a great hand-dipped ice cream cone at The Willey House which is opposite Willey Pond where you can watch the trout swim around from the foot bridge, there is a gift shop and an extensive information center on the site and you can study-up on the history of the place which was named for the family that use to operate an Inn on the site about 150 years ago. The family was all killed when a summer landslide buried them.

If you happen to be about an hour west of here, at the Junction of Rte 91 and Rte 302 in wells-river-woodsville don't miss the P&H Truck Stop.It's just down the street from the southbound entrance ramp. Wait till you see all the desserts they have...and you won't be disappointed with the food fare either.

You will notice I didn't name any Chinese, Polynesian, Italian or Indian restaurants, nor McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Wendy's. I have nothing against those places, its just that they are all in North Conway, along with ten gazillion other choices. Its fair to say that you would have to stay here a lot longer than a week or a month to eat in all the restaurants that are within fifteen miles of Sky Valley! After all, what do you suppose all those people who moved here in the past fifteen years are doing to survive! Why of course, they're running restaurants. And, it seems every time I re-read this page there is always someone I have forgotten, or someone who is gone...so if I didn't mention your favorite place, by all means, send me a scathing e-mail !